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Open form on specific tab

Question asked by greenawayr Champion on Feb 3, 2017
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Inspired by Rhia Wieclawek blog Targeting a Panel via URL (or: How to Idiot-Proof Notifications)


I have a form with tabs and panels etc.and I'd like to be able to open the form on a specific tab if the URL contains a query string. So an email is sent via workflow to a user and the link to the item is appended with a query string to open a specific tab on the form. 


In my mind, I should be able to use the choice controls default value to use the GetQueryString inline function to set the default value of the choice control and therefore the tab.


My query string is simply someform.aspx?ID=1&OpenTab=SalaryDetails


and then function in the default value of the tabs was just 


This doesn't seem to work though (yes one of the options in the Choice control is SalaryDetails).


Ultimately I'd want an If function in there as well to tell the form to open on the default tab if there is no query string (i.e. a new form or opened direct from the SharePoint list. Something like this...


fn-If(fn-IsNullOrEmpty(fn-GetQueryString(OpenTab)),"Employee Information",fn-GetQueryString(OpenTab))


If anyone has any suggestions as to where I'm going wrong, I'd appreciate it.