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Problems starting Nintex workflow from InfoPath..

Question asked by tulip on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by bashyarajan


I am running SharePoint 2010 and Nintex 2.3.14


I have an InfoPath form which writes to a SharePoint List.  The SharePoint List has a number of Nintex workflows attached to it.  When I try to submit the data from the form to SharePoint I am getting inconsistent results.  Sometimes the data submits and sometimes it fails with a 401 error.  All the items have the same permissions, I am set up as Owner of the site and Site Collection admin.   I have updated the button in InfoPath to submit a second time if there is an error - and this seems to fix the problem - i.e. if the submit fails the first time it will always succeed the second time. 


In InfoPath I have the option to Use Web services or not.  If I do not use web services the updates work ok every time - but the Nintex workflows are not triggered with the change in data.  If I opt to use Web services the inconsistent update occurs - but the Nintex workflows will trigger once the data is updated.


Has anyone an idea about what is going on. 

Also I have tried creating a SharePoint designer workflow on the same site collection - as a test - and I cannot get it to start.  Is it possible to have SharePoint designer workflows working on the same site collection as Nintex workflows ?



Thank you