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Displaying a field based on a choice field using Nintex Mobile

Question asked by chris.ben Champion on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by emha

Hi all,


I'm trying to implement the classic select an option from a choice field and if your item isn't listed choose the 'other' check box and a new text box will appear where they can type what 'other' means.  I only want that text box displayed if 'other' is selected.  By way of example, let's say we want someone to fill in which Nintex Products they are interested in but only want to mention the main ones.  The choice field is called productChoices.  Anything else they can tick 'other' and type the name in:


Tell us what Nintex Products you are interested in:

[ ] Workflow

[ ] Forms

[ ] W/F for Project Server

[ ] Other


I've created a hide rule on the 'other' field that parses this list and checks to see if other has been ticked.  I can't do a simple hide if productChoices='other' because the person may have ticked some other products too.  Therefore I've used the contains formula.

Hide if: !contains(productChoices, 'other')


That works perfectly for the web form (on-prem and live) but unfortunately it doesn't work with Nintex Mobile.  Does anyone have an alternate formula I could use?