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Adding dynamic hyperlink to form

Question asked by chrissnc on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by paul.crawford



I have a custom list that I want to associate with a document library and I have a workflow that dynamically builds a url which maps to a specific folder in the DL which changes based on how the form was completed.


I can build this string ok and if I email out the link is active and I can feed it back into my list without issue.



Here is my challenge, when the url has been added back to the list in my single line of text field it displays as text only unless I manually go in and enter a space before the url which then turns the link blue making it clickable.   I have added a space to the start of the URL in the workflow but the result in the list is the same.  I have also tried sending the url to a hyperlink field in the custom list but this errors out.