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Update List Item XML?

Question asked by baltner on Feb 2, 2017
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I have used the XML Update action in my Nintex 2010 workflows  (v. on XML files in a document library but am now trying to get it to update a list item based on the forms's FormData XML. For this I have specified the XPath statement in the same way I do when I use the Query XML action (FormVariables/<ControlName>...) and am trying to save the result back into the form data by storing the result in the original form using the ContextItemURl value. The URL option requires credentials, for which I have provided the username and password of the app pool the workflow is running under. (Save into CurrentItem is available only for document libraries.)


Unfortunately, the workflow returns this error:  

                                    Error processing XML. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.



1. Is what I am trying to do even possible?

2. What credentials would be required to avoid the 403 error?

3. What is the correct XPath statement for updating, say, a single line text box called "Test"? FormVariables/Test?