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Nintex Form CSS Challenges

Question asked by franco89 on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by franco89

Hi All,

This question is only loosely coupled to Nintex but I didn't want to post elsewhere and have people point at Nintex as the problem because I don't believe it is.


I have a pretty standard request solution in place. On my landing page, I have a "Submit" button which opens my Nintex form in a dialogue. Using CSS I stripped out the dialog title and the ribbon. For some reason, this left a huge white (blank) space at the footer of the dialog. I was able to override this in the button code by specifying a dialog height. It's not a perfect solution, for instance, the height looks perfect in most scenarios but if a user forgets to fill in a field, the red error text gets added to the top after validation and means the dialog height is no longer quite sufficient so scroll bars show up in that case. However, unless someone has a better suggestion I'm going to go with this for now.


My bigger issue right now is that is that I get this same dumb space when I click to open an existing form. I allow users to see a view of past requests for them to search through if needed. Of course, opening these via the list view means I am no longer specifying a dialog height via my button code, it's getting dynamically generated by SharePoint.


Has anyone encountered this before? Is there an easy fix to removing this white space or do I have to resort to using JS (I would need help with this too) to intercept the dialog call and specify a height?


I should add I've spent a while in the browser dev mode and there's no obvious problem I can override like padding or margin. It looks like the dialog is getting passed a height value (which seems to be specified in a number of places in the CSS) from SP.


any help greatly appreciated.