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Copy Type of Group - Example/help

Question asked by drawtruett on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by drawtruett

I have an Account with several Projects under it.  Each Project has milestones.  I would like to create an Excel file showing all the Projects as rows with all Milestones showing for each Project as repeated rows.  I was able to complete this task in Word, but need to show it in a different format (conditional formatting on due dates) that I want to complete in Excel. 


I know how to use the Object_Start to replicate the rows. Where do I put the Object_Table_Start tag in Excel? The documentation has no references to Copy Type = Group or how to do this in Excel. From other posts, I think this is possible in Excel.  


The file I've created gets to the first milestone in the first project and does not replicate after that.