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How to set a lookup control in a Nintex Form, either with Powershell or with a Nintex Workflow?

Question asked by nintex_orbid on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by chaitra.b.c

Hi Nintex Community,


I have a question about the use of Nintex Forms with a List Lookup Control and Powershell.


Situation: The Form has a LLC that is connected to a text field. The control is connected to a list and filtered with a named control. This is working perfect. When I choose something from the dropdown, it is perfectly saved in the column. And I can filter on it with views, or group by or ... And the form looks good.


I need now to migrate another list to this list. With PowerShell I map the correct columns. When I run the script, the text field is populated with the correct text. I can see the field in every view, and grouping/fitering  etc is also working.


... when I open the form, the field is empty ( or in Edit Mode "Select a value").


When I change something else, and save, the field in the views in SP list is still correct with the value that was put in with PowerShell (so also the filtering).


So this value is saved, probably in a hidden field?


Question:   How can I fill in with Powershell this value (SP Text column), so that is appears also in the Nintex Form in the Lookup Control?


Any ideas?