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Regular expression validation for a multiline textbox

Question asked by yvette on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by emha

Validation using a regular expression seems to only be available for a single line textbox control. Does anyone know a way to add a regular expression validation for a multiline textbox?


On my form the multiline textbox is used to enter library names: one on each line. I want to validate the library name on each line as they can't contain certain special characters (applicable to either the entire name or just the first character). In the workflow the information from this textbox is put into a collection and then through a for each loop to create the libraries using PowerShell.


I realize I can use a repeating section with a single textbox for each library name, but since it's just a simple set of names I thought it would look better (easier/quicker to fill out) to just use one textbox on the form - plus it simplifies the workflow (no UDA/XML queries to configure).