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Unable to export .nwf after W10 Enterprise edition upgrade.

Question asked by johnfb59 on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by johnfb59

I am having difficulty exporting a .nwf workflow after Windows OS upgrade to W10, I was able to do this from the same SP site whilst running W7 IE9. I am able to import a workflow in W!0/IE11 but not the reverse (I back up all my workflows). W10 shipped with IE11.713.10586.0.

When I click export I get the under button 'pop out' option to export but then nothing else, there are no files in the downloads folder either. I have checked Event viewer and again, nothing. I have tried this in IE64bit and ie32bit. pop up blocker is turned off.

Would be interested in getting this fixed as I now have a thin client next to my laptop to get over this.

Thanks for reading