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Help with Workflow calculate column value update 2nd list

Question asked by eclecticmind on Jan 26, 2017
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Hi All,

i need some help in regards to my workflow - i've looked at the previous example and still cannot seem to get it working

i have 2 lists:

1st list - 4 columns: Name (person), Allocated days, Days Taken and Days Remaining (all numbers)

2nd list - 3 columns: created by, total days (calculated column) and status


the 1st list will just be a summary for someone to see how many days each person has left for holidays (name and allocated dates are manually input) and the 2nd list has a nintex workflow running which sends an email etc to approve who then approves the days and it updates the item status to approved or declined. what i would like the workflow to continue to do is calculate the total days someone has taken and then update the summary list with this number.


i included the steps in my workflow from the above thread but it completes without updating the 1st list:

full workflowstalls

any help would be appreciated