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Dynamic Extension Drawloop Name Space

Question asked by aborley on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by ryan.oleary

Hi All,


I want to perform some dynamic binding with Drawloop and wonder if it is possible to dynamically extend the set of Objects Drawloop can see dynamically in it's Name Space ?


I believe it is and wonder if someone could confirm my understanding an ideally has some good examples (templates and code) over an above the examples given for IApexDataSource and ExternalData in the Nintex manual


Here's an example of what I want to do....


Say I have a Related List of Name-Value pairs that represent fields and the Master Object of of these Name-Value pairs contains the name I want to dynamic give to a  new Object.


So One Master Object who's name is "Parser State" and Child Objects of {Run time Age,10} & {Address, 20}.

Second Master object who's name is "Loader State" and Child Objects of {Active, False}, {Memory Used, 100} and {CPU time, 200}


I want to then in the Template be able to say


blah blah blah lead in text etc etc <<Parser State.Run_Time_Age>> which is text text text


I believe I can extend the name space in Drawloop using IApexDataSource and ExternalData to do exactly this. 


BTW has anyone been able to do this sort of thing in any of the other Salesforce AppExchange offerings (Conga etc) ? I believe you could probably do this using Lightening Connect (OData) but the Drawloop approach, if I've understood correctly, is much easier


Thanks in advance