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Nintex Site Creation Workflow - Calling Web Service for creating groups for new site created having issues

Question asked by supermankelz on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by jesse.mchargue

Hey all!  Having an issue with a site creation workflow I'm developing.


Premise: Create a list workflow that uses fields from a form as properties of the Create Site action to create a sub-site on the parent with user-provided SIte Name.


Issue: I'm having trouble configuring the "Call web service" actions.  The site creation action works, and stores the new URL in newSiteURL workflow variable.  This reference is then used in the URL for the web service action so that specific Permission Groups are created and configured.  When attempting to use the workflow, I get a message about removing the remaining references from the URL that is calling the web service, but I do not have a site URL to use at this point as this value is provided by the user in the form.


I've tried using the Parent URL and it's Web methods that are provided, but receive a soap exception error.



Anyone have a workaround or tips for creating SharePoint permission groups for the new site being created by a site creation workflow, or should this be tackled as a two workflow solution?