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Managed metadata - Update Item vs. Update Multiple Items

Question asked by stevebnc on Jan 26, 2017
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I am new to Nintex so bear with me if this is basic. I see there might be some complex solutions using web service calls etc. but as more of an end user, I would prefer to keep it simple. Also, the fact that I can get it to work one way but not another with what looks like a similar function is puzzling.


Background:  A Nintex sharepoint workflow is designed to push (and convert) documents from one 'working' library to another library for broad viewing. The WF will convert .doc(x) to PDF if necessary or copy if it's a PDF already. The WF then updates metadata on the created/copied file from the current item. This includes a mix of choice, lookup, and managed fields.


My issue is that when using the "Update Multiple Items action", it fails when it attempts to update managed metadata fields on the new item. However if I use the "Update Item" action it successfully updates the fields. In searching for a solution I am not even sure why this works as the solutions out there seem quite complex. I would prefer using the Multiple Item update (even though it is only on a single item) as it has error handling where the Update Item does not.


In both update actions I am using List Lookup off the current item.


Any help or tips would be appreciated.