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Can I merge several merged PDFs, each an object of a related list, with the merged PDF of the main object?

Question asked by melissadepau on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by alhildreth

This may sound confusing, so here's what my requirements are:


We have an object called a Transportation Request, which, once approved, contains a child Travel Voucher object. Sometimes, a Transportation Request will require one or more Supplemental Travel Vouchers.


A Transportation Request's "Consolidated PDF", which is what we are using Drawloop for in Salesforce, consists of:


1. A Transportation Request PDF (Visualforce page)

2. A supplemental Transportation Request document that depends on a boolean value in the Transportation Request (Visualforce page)

3. Another dependent supplemental Transportation Request document (Visualforce page)

4. A Travel Voucher PDF (Visualforce page)

5. A supplemental Travel Voucher document that depends on a boolean value in the Travel Voucher (Visualforce page)

6. Another dependent supplemental Travel Voucher document (Visualforce page)

7. If the Transportation Request is related to any Supplemental Travel Vouchers, each Supplemental Travel Voucher must be included and consists of the same pages in #4, #5, and #6

8. Attachments to the Transportation Request, Travel Voucher, and Supplemental Travel Vouchers (I have already figured this part out)


So is there a way to create a merged PDF for each related Supplemental Travel Voucher, and then merge all of those into the Transportation Request's "Consolidated PDF"?


Thank you!