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Orphaned Event Receivers

Question asked by marekzalewski on Jan 23, 2017
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Recently we needed to uninstall Nintex Workflow from our Sharepoint 2013 server. Unfortunately, after completing official uninstallation guide, Nintex left some orphaned Event Receivers entries in Central Administration’s database, which are causing errors and issues with publishing in Sharepoint. Is there any way to safely remove those objects? I assume simply removing it from database is not the best idea.


Below received error from test-SpContentDatabase on Central Administration database:

Category        : MissingAssembly
Error           : True
UpgradeBlocking : False
Message         : Assembly [Nintex.Workflow.Features, Version=, Culture=
                  neutral, PublicKeyToken=9(…)2] is referenced in th
                  e database [SharePoint_AdminContent_2(…)3], but is not installed on the current farm. Pleas
                  e install any feature/solution which contains this assembly.
Remedy          : One or more assemblies are referenced in the database [ShareP
                  oint_AdminContent_2(…)3], but
                  are not installed on the current farm. Please install any fea
                  ture or solution which contains these assemblies.
Locations       :


Class of missing assembly is: