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Set Field Value Action Inconsistently Successful

Question asked by bcasey on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by bcasey

I have a workflow that requests manager approval (flexi task), then uses 'Set Field Value' action to write 'approved' or 'rejected' in a field.  The workflow is completing successfully, however, it only occasionally actually writes 'approved' or 'rejected' in the list field.  Often it leaves it blank.  At the very end of the workflow process, I set item permissions to read only for everyone except site owners.


I have given all domain users contribute permission on the Workflow Tasks' list (the manager approval link did not function before this).

Domain Users (everyone) also has contribute permission on the list that the workflow is attached to.


When we tested this it worked fine, but now that it's live, we often get completed workflows, but the set field value fields are blank.  I added a Pause action after the set field value to see if the set item permission was completing (and thus restricting write permission) before the set field value action completed.


I also set item permissions within the flexi task approval to contribute, just in case. 


Any other thoughts on my root cause?