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Make attachments required on condition

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by cmikhaiel

I'm implementing an expense claim. And the users are required to attach a receipt except if they are only claiming mileage. How do I create a condition on the attachments to be required if they select yes on a "yes/no - Mileage Only" field.

I tried to put a rule on the attachments to make it disabled if the user selects mileage only=yes. But how do i make it required to complete if mileage only=No?!

I found earlier an article here that explains how to make fields required on a single line of text but it doesn't apply the same way on "attachments" as there is no named control for attachments. I also don't want to disable the save button, i need it to give an error message to the user to explain what is missing.

Make fields "required" and disable "Save" button