Issue with Email Not Being Sent depending on prior action

Discussion created by barryc Champion on Jan 19, 2017
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I am experiencing a strange issue where sometimes the Send an Email action completes but no email is actually sent. Prior to the email being sent there is a To Do Task action - the email will send if some users complete this task, but when other users complete the preceding task it does not send.


Example 1:

User A starts the workflow

User A completes the To Do Task

Email is successfully sent


Example 2:

User A starts the workflow

User B completes the To Do Task

Email is NOT SENT, although the action and workflow are completed without error.


This is happening in a large workflow.

I have created a second test workflow that just has the To Do Task followed by Send an Email and the behaviour is exactly the same.


Given that the workflow is running under User A in both cases, how can the difference in the email behaviour be explained.


This relates to NW2013 on-prem.