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Parse a JSON Response

Question asked by cvuppala on Jan 20, 2017
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I am returning following JSON Response from a webservice call which outputs all the attachments of a list item.


{"d":{"results":[{"__metadata":{"id":"'26f031dd-c6fe-4d92-a961-479df39c18af')/Items(1)/AttachmentFiles('Audit Report.xlsx')","uri":"'26f031dd-c6fe-4d92-a961-479df39c18af')/Items(1)/AttachmentFiles('Audit%20Report.xlsx')","type":"SP.Attachment"},"FileName":"Audit Report.xlsx","ServerRelativeUrl":"/sites/spkb/Lists/webservicecallstest/Attachments/1/Audit Report.xlsx"}]}}


I stored this value in a Text variable. I would like to now parse this value so that I can build an HTML string where each attachment is displayed in a <div> with  file name. When clicked it will go to the attachment URL. i will then set the rich text field value with the HTML string.


How can I do this with Nintex workflow actions? Please help.