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Copy workflow status to new column of type hyperlink

Question asked by nchamid on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by murphybp2

I am trying to copy workflow status into a new column of type ' Hyperlink ', and redirect it to my custom page along with item ID. This is what i tried,


  • Action - Build String, 



As my new column is hyperlink, I am setting the URL to custom page in 'Build String'. Where as in the description I want to show text same as 'Workflow Status' column, to make it easy for users.


  • Action - Update List Column,                      



My list column config,




This is what I am trying to do in the workflow,



Don't get confused here in first image, I am building the string for the first time and storing it into a workflow variable and using 'Update List Item' action whenever necessary.


The second image is what I am trying before workflow ends, even I tried without 'Build String' action , no luck. 'Build String & Update Item' config action is same as above.


I am not sure, where I am doing wrong. Below is my result in the list, everything works well first time, but the column remains unchanged.


Can someone please help ?