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How can i restrict the Initiator's edit right without affecting the workflow?

Question asked by vladcojocaru on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by vladcojocaru

   I have to implement a multi step approval process that lets the initiator have the option of modifying the document only in the first step before a flexi task. Afterwards, he must not be able to modify anything at all. He should be reinstated with the edit right towards the last steps for he should be able to approve a flexi task.

   How can I restrict his edit capabilities without crashing the workflow and without using a loop on a parallel branch for each step to check from 10 to 10 minutes if the document was modified by the initiator and go back to step 1? (this would be highly unsavory since the end product will be used to handle thousands of documents and all that looping will send the whole site to a crawl..)


PS: I'm fairly new to SharePoint and Nintex, only started ~ 1 month ago.