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Custom Javascript is not working after updating nintex form

Question asked by omar.taha on Jan 16, 2017
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I have a form developed on nintex form 2013, lately I updated nintex form, but after that, the working javascript before is not working after the update, any idea?




The problems is not related to lookups, I implemented a javascript function to delete the repeating section rows dynamically, I add a trigger click on the the image that delete the repeating section row, my script was working fine, until I updates the nintex, I tried to to debug the javascript, everything is working fine, untill I do the click trigger.


this is the script I was calling to delete repeating section rows:


               var RSRows = NWF$("."+className).find(".nf-repeater-row:visible");
                        var currentRow= NWF$(this);
                              currentRow.find(".nf-repeater-deleterow-image").click();  // this line cause the error