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Unable to use checkboxes for a Multi Choice Site Column

Question asked by jasonclair on Sep 8, 2014
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I have got a content type with multiple site columns that have been created as Choice types with "Display choices using" set to Checkboxes.


When using Nintex Forms all of the columns except for 1 allow me to display as Checkboxes. 1 Column will only display as radio buttons which forces the user to select only one item.


If I add a choice field to the form and set it up as checkboxes, it will be reset to radio buttons as soon as I connect it to the field.


I've checked all levels of the column (list, site content type and it's parent content which it inherits this field from).All stages are set correctly.


The next thing I was going to try was either changing the display choices to radio then back again, or deleting the field and re-creating it again, but I am reluctant to do this as the field has been used elsewhere I don't want to lose the data.


Has anyone experience this problem before?