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Lookup Formula not working

Question asked by martinn on Jan 11, 2017
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Situation: I have a list of contacts which contains two "types" of records. "Main adresses" (companies) and "contact persons" (employees). I created a form with radio button so that the user can choose what type of address he wants to display/enter/edit. Depending on that radio button one of the two areas of my form is hidden, while the other one is visible.

In the "contact persons" panel is a dropdown control where the user can select one of the main adresses.

This works.

Question: Now I want to use a calculated control with a formula so that other values from the selected main-address can be copied to the record that is acutally edited. I use the formula Lookup("SharePoint-Kontakte", "ID", 1, "Name1")

"SharePoint-Kontakte" is the name of my list, "Name1" a colum in that list. For testing purposes I have set the third parameter only to 1. This should be later a value respecting the selection of that dropdown mentioned above.

But I get only "#value" as result of that formula. No other error is visible in the console.

Does anybody have a suggestion what is going wrong here?