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Capture SPGroup Members

Question asked by jimboalba on Sep 7, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by jimboalba

I'm calling a web service call to {web_URL}/_vti_bin/UserGroup.asmx to the GetUserCollectionFromGroup method.

Input group name: Viewers

It saves the result to ResultVar (Multiple lines of text) and It gives an output xml like below:

<GetUserCollectionFromGroup>   <Users>   <User ID="38" Sid="S-1-5-21-331390976-2650875657-2422772959-1706" Name="Adam Barr" LoginName="CONTOSO\adamb" Email="" />   <User ID="39" Sid="S-1-5-21-331390976-2650875657-2422772959-1720" Name="Alan Brewer" LoginName="CONTOSO\alanb" Email="" />   </Users> </GetUserCollectionFromGroup>


I'm sure that the call is successful because I can log it to the Workflow History. The log is truncated but it's okay.


I tried different ways to 'Query XML' on ResultVar but I can't seem to get the output on the log or email.

Output process using XPATH:




It works fine in Run Now. However, I can't output the results in both the history log or on email. The results are all blank.

I tried capturing it as Inner XML Multi-line,  Inner XML - Collection,  Text-Multi-line.


Using Nintex Workflow 2010 ( - English