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How is new line character stored in multiple lines text field when type is Plain text?

Question asked by ninlims2e on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by ninlims2e

Hi All!,


   Does anyone know how SharePoint stores new line character in a 'multiple lines of text' field of type 'Plain text' ? 


Basically, I have a site column of type 'multiple lines of text' and is set to 'Plain text'.

I'm trying to pass the text + new line entered into this 'multiple lines of text' field to a web service call (SOAP) in Nintex workflow.

However I found that new line character in 'multiple lines of text' column seem to strip off.

Would be appreciated if anyone can tell me how I would be able to pass the whole text + new line characters in a web service call.


Thanks in advice.

   Seng Chi