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Nintex Workflow cannot read an attachment list item

Question asked by kenny.cassandra on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by rhia

Hello all, i'm currently working with Nintex Mobile Forms. I am creating Leave Request Form and there's many leave type that must have a supporting document to fulfill the requirements. If users don't attach some file, the workflow will reject the request.

Here's my story.. When i submit the request with an attachment from Nintex Mobile Forms using Android Phone, it will trigger the workflow to run. And i already add condition to check whether attachment exists or not. But nintex workflows keeps telling me from log in history list that attachment does not exists (even i already give an attachment). I also already tried checking from web services (Web_URL\_vti_bin\list.asmx), and the result still same.

Then i tried, get value from Item Properties attachment.. and the result return false (still same).

Anyone have any ideas how to solve this issue?