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Question about Parsing XML Data

Question asked by michaelpe on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by emha

I'm trying to parse data out of a repeating section but when I store it into a collection, the collection is blank.


1) The Mass Update columns are stored in a variable (inputXML)

2) I use the Query XML {WorkflowVariable:inputXML} and use the XPath output (/RepeaterData/Items/Item) to store as a Collection variable called Collection Item

-   At this point, I can save this variable to a list item and see the content, so good so far.

3) I have a for each that takes the Target collection (Collection Item) and stores it into a Multiline Variable (MLOT_Item)

-   Here is where it breaks. One of the fields in the repeating section is AssociateName. AssociateName shows up under the variable inputXML, but once the Collection Variable is collected and stores the Items into the MLOT, it's blank.


I'm so confused why the collection variable wouldn't store the data? Anyway come across this issue?