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Can't update person/group column from workflow

Question asked by munkholm on Jan 9, 2017
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I am stuck. I am trying to create a new documentset, based on a list Element. 


For that I have created at workflow using the Create an element on another list action.


The only thing not working is updating a person/group column with multiple entries allowed.


I have read here that i am supposed to use this format -1;#domain\xxx.


By using a "Save to workflows history list" i have checked that the variable is set correct. 


But the workflow just ignores this column and leaves it blank, i have tried with typing just one person into the column - but it is still ignored.


Any suggestions anyone?




The two first are Regular expressions and configured as described in the article i have made a link to.


The next two are Build String actions also configured as described in the article. 


The second last is just a "Save to history" action and finally the last action is a Create an item action.