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How to tell if someone is checking in a major or minor version of an item in a document library?

Question asked by carla1020 on Jan 10, 2017
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Hi Community,

I'm stumped....I need to update a field on a page based on the value of another field in the page.  Specifically I'm working in the Pages Library of a publishing site and the library is set up to require check out (no content approval required). 


The below workflow works well to hijack the check in process and update the field in question.  The problem is I only want it to run if the user is publishing or checking in a major version of the page.  Currently it will hijack the check in process for any document that meets my Run if criteria.


Does anyone have any good suggestions on the best way to determine if a user is checking in a major or minor version?


Thanks in advance


Workflow Details


  • Run if is currently based on content - there are multiple content types in the library and I only care for it run on a specific content type
  • Wait for check out status change - unlocked by document editor (I'm assuming this is similar to QuerySave back in my Lotus Domino development days lol)
  • Check out the item - if I don't do this the workflow fails saying the document must be checked out
  • Commit pending change - because my workflow fits this criteria
  • Set value of a single field (lookup to another list to get value based on current item value)
  • Check in item - major version