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Click Button to add current user object to person or group field

Question asked by tphan on Jan 10, 2017
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I am creating an event sign up form through Nintex Forms for Office 365 / Sharepoint Online. My issue is that I want to make a sign up button that a user can click when viewing the form and it will populate the attendees field (person / group column; accepts multiple) with a user object like in the picture below.



Is there a quick and easy way to do this in javascript or in field settings? I do want it to show as an person object as it will then be saved back to the Attendees column as a person and not just a text of the user's display name.

*Edit* I don't want to this to be on load, the end user will be viewing the form and deciding if they want to join this event or not. **


Any ideas? I'm fairly new to Nintex / Office 365 / Sharepoint Online, feel free to correct me if I'm going about things the wrong way.