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I see the workflows in gallery but cannot see it when opening the "context menu" -> workflow item in a form!?

Question asked by morgulork on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by morgulork

We have several Workflows to realize the "personal mutation process" (entry, change and Exit).

Since a few days I have  several wf who crashed. I wanted to restart it. So I opened the contextmenue and then "Workflows". But there I could not find he Workflows although in the site properties - workflow Gallery they are existing.


What could be the Problem?


Those wf worked for almost 2 years now without any problems. They were built by an external company. I can do several things now but I am not sure where to search for the Problem. Almost it Looks strange, several Workflows are shown in this context menue but a few of em not.


Thank you very much for your thoughts, ideas.

Have a good one.