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Document Library Workflow Start on Item Creation - Nintex Workflows for O-365

Question asked by abhijith.shastry on Jan 4, 2017
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We have a simple Nintex (O365) workflow on a Document Library that has a Content Type. This workflow has to be initiated on creation of the Item (and not on modification)
While user uploads the document and fills the columns of the content type, and tries to click Save, he/she is shown an error message shown in the attached image.
When we investigated, the workflow had already initiated, and supposedly locked the current item? This is an issue, since the workflow is initiated even before the document is fully-submitted with metadata. We used to have an action to ‘wait until edit completed’ or similar in Nintex On-Premise workflows. Is there anything similar in O-365 Workflows? If not, what would be the recommendation?