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Split huge list with 255 columns into 4 or 5 lists

Question asked by sandy_s on Jan 4, 2017
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Company hired a partner to automate their paper based system into electronic forms. 

Partner used SharePoint Online and used Nintex forms and workflows. However partner are using a single list with 255 columns and at times forms and workflow shows following error screenshot:





Now, company approached us and we are in process of fixing the issue.


We found that it that list has some workflow is too slow due to number of columns and workflow at times shows this error.

We raised a  support ticket with Nintex and they asked to export form and import the form to a new list.  While doing so we got the following error:

Nintex also concluded that because of large columns company should reduce no of columns. However, the company cant reduce the no of columns as they are important columns.      

We are in process to re-develop the solution. 


We are thinking to split the that lists and planning to Nintex form to query other lists within the form

Q: Is it possible to have  a Nintex form to query different lists and display those columns within the form


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