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Orphaned records in the HumanWorkflowApprovers table

Question asked by cholslin Champion on Jan 3, 2017

Before Go Live, I need to clean out data from a farm.  There's one primary site collection where workflows run, and they capture Nintex Workflow data into a specific Nintex Workflow content database.  I've manually stopped all running workflow instances and deleted all the items and tasks from the site collection and emptied the recycle bin.  After running NWAdmin -o purgeWorkflowData to remove records for my 9 workflows in question from the Nintex Workflow content database, I am left with an empty HumanWorkflow table.  However, the HumanWorkflowApprovers table and the HumanWorkflowApproversMetadata tables are not empty.


This raises some questions:

  1. Why is there still data in these tables even though the HumanWorkflow table is empty?
  2. Are these orphaned records?
  3. Can I just delete them with DELETE T-SQL statements?
  4. If I don't, will my Nintex Report and Chart web parts show incorrect results?