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Issue with Calculated Field on Edit Mode

Question asked by ehealthsk on Jan 5, 2017
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I'm having issues with Nintex Forms 2013. I have a repeated section that multiplies cost * quantity to a total cost for service field per row. I also have a total cost field outside the repeated section that sums the total cost for service in the repeated section using a Sum(TotalCostForService) formula. Both the total cost for service and total cost calculated fields are set to re-calculate on new/edit mode. The calculations are working perfectly in new mode and in view mode. The only issue I'm having is in edit mode, the total cost field outside the repeated section shows 0 on load and if I save it, that value gets saved to my list column. If I add or remove a row, the total cost on the bottom does re-calculate properly and gets saved properly.


Picture below showing the total cost is not updating properly in edit mode:


Picture below showing correctly in view mode: 

Any ideas?