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User leaves orgnaisation - best practise to handle in workflow

Question asked by shrinivasnaik on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by shrinivasnaik

Hello All,


What would be the best practice or tricks (clever workarounds) to factor in workflow, when a user leaves the organisation and the task is yet to get assigned to him. The workflow would error out if the user does not exists and there is no simple way of restating the workflow only from the point it has error-ed out.


Any good suggestions that you have been using in your project..

Couple of ways ..

1) we manually ensure that the user exist before the workflow reaches that stage (where it is supposed to assign the task to the user)

2) Try to build the state mechanism in such a way that it exits, but there is not error handling in the Assign Flexi Task option, so this is not a very neat solution.


Could someone throw ideas on how they would generally handle any user leaving the organisation and the workflow can handle it elegantly and not error out?