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People field as predefined checkboxes

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by emha

I want to be able to give the user on a task form the ability to select multiple names from a checkbox list. The list is a predefined usernames that can be selected on the current task and who will also be assigned the next task. I don't want to add a people field and have default values as this will allow the users to insert names outside of the predefined list - which is not allowed.


I created a predefined choice field with names, then when I try to use those names in a next task to assign it to them, the workflow is unable to resolve the names and errors the workflow. I tried to create a people variable and insert user profiles based on account name, still doesn't resolve. I tried also to query user profiles based on the names, get the emails and save it in a collection variable then take that variable into the task, still didn't fix it.

Can someone give a hint of what am I missing?

I'm using SharePoint/Nintex 2010.