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nwadmin MoveData issue

Question asked by jlewko on Dec 28, 2016

In prepping for a migration we are moving site collections into newly created Nintex Content Databases, based on the web app of the site collection. We have run the purge history lists, and purge workflowdata on the targeted site collections.

However some of the move commands (nwadmin movedata)  , take much longer than others, and some even appear to freeze / time out. Can anyone provide answers to the following:


1) what would cause a move to take long than others or a time out

2) Is there a way to see progress continuing, or if the command is frozen?

3) how to trouble shoot,

4) are their logs to investigate


The work being done is currently SharePoint 2010 using Nintex workflow 2010 version


appreciate any assistance, any questions please let me know.