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Check Multi Value Column

Question asked by on Dec 21, 2016
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Hi all


i have the following Problem. I have a Document Library with a column named "Empfänger". This is a lookup column which leads to a ReferenceList. This List has the column "Empfänger Gruppe" and the column "Empfänger" which is a Person column which can store Multiple values.


The workflow in the Library needs to check which Values are entered in the column "Empfänger".

He then needs to check for each value in this field what the Empfänger are in the List.


For Example

Empfänger column Library: Group 1;Group 2

referenceList: "Empfänger Gruppe" Group 1 with (Empfänger Pascal Sparla)

        "Empfänger Gruppe" Group 2 with (Empfänger Bill Gates)


He should get Pascal and Bill which he can store in a Collection so he can send the email.


I start the Workflow with a regular expression to store the data from the column Empfänger (library) in a Collection.Then i use a For each where i use this collection and store the values in a Text Variable.

A Query List on the ReferenceList ist the next step where i set the filter on "Text Variable" = "Empfänger Gruppe" (referenceList) and store the Empfänger field of the ReferenceList in a new Collection.


When i use only one entry in the Empfänger column in the library it works fine but with multiple values it does not work.



21.12.2016 21:34WorkflowkommentarALLE GRUPPEN: Projektbericht; Ausführungsplanung; 
21.12.2016 21:34WorkflowkommentarGruppe: Projektbericht 
21.12.2016 21:34WorkflowkommentarCOLL-EMPF: i:0#.w|muc\q11111#.w|muc\q00000;i:0#.w|muc\qxn1234; 
21.12.2016 21:34WorkflowkommentarGruppe: Ausführungsplanung 
21.12.2016 21:34WorkflowkommentarCOLL-EMPF:

Any ideas or examples?