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Nintex Mobile for iPhone 7 on 2010

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by cmikhaiel

Nintex on SharePoint 2010 has some options for Nintex Mobile App. I've published a form on Nintex Mobile for Phone, Nintex Mobile for Tablet and Nintex mobile for iPhone.

The iPhone layout is different from the general Nintex mobile for phone layout. when my iPhone users download the app, they see the general phone version and not the iPhone version. Why is this happening and which layout takes precedence when the users are iPhone users?


Also the few users I tested it with, they got iPhone 7. If we stick with the general phone version, I've noticed that the form is working perfectly fine for android users while some fields are for no reason are showing errors on the iPhone. The fields are simple single line of texts that are connected to the list and used the same way across the form in desktop/mobile/tablet. 


It is annoying to the users because if we publish the general phone version, we're assuming that it is supposed to work for all kinds of phones the same behavior. and if chose to create an iPhone version then, the general phone version should take precedence when on iPhone.... any idea why this is happening???