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Nintex Repeating Section and updating FormData from Workflow

Question asked by potsy2602 on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by potsy2602

Hi All,  Hoping someone can assist in my issue.  I have a list 'Movies' and a simple Nintex form with a repeating section .  So this is a screen where a user can enter one-to-many data  (aka parent/child, master/detail).   In example below (Screenshot1) I have created Movies as the parent record, and characters are the child records using the repeating section and some simple text fields.  Because this is a repeating section the 'characters' data is stored in the FormData Field in the Movies List.


What I want to do is simply create a workflow to update the 'Goodorbad' FormData field in the Movies list after a user has Saved the form.  I have used the UDA published from other Nintex contributors and I can extract the XML attributes and save to another list 'Characters' so I know how that works (screenshot 2).  However I cant workout how to update the 'GoodorBad' field within the FormData Field in the Movies List.  I've tried 'UpdateXML' and then 'Update item' (FormData) but I cant get it to work.


Any help appreciated. Thanks Scott