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Protecting end user data

Question asked by jonabb on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by jonabb

I have been asked to produce some forms for our HR department. These could collect information on salary, employment agreements and other personal information. Our initial response was that this would be difficult, as the information would go into SharePoint lists, and be accessible by SP admins and potentially other groups/users with necessary privileges. Accessing this type of information is usually limited to HR and Finance teams only, through their respective systems.


We've put these forms on hold for now, but as part of due diligence, I wanted to ask if anyone else had come across similar requests with constraints around securing end user data?


Did you abandon the request or manage to provide a solution?


One thought I had, was to collect the information via a form then hand the information into the HR and finance systems and delete the information from the SP list on the fly.