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Run if error - cannot determine the condition

Question asked by rencygonzalez on Dec 15, 2016
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I have a workflow that uses a query action that queries items from an external content type and stores the ids in a collection variable.

After that I have another query action that queries from my second list that stores ids in another collection variable.

The next action is a ForEach that goes through the first collection variable and then a collection operation that checks to see if the id number exsits. I have a runif action that that runs if the item does not exist. If the id doesn't exists then the item gets created in my second list.

The issue is the runif action is showing an error of "cannot determine the condition" , yet it still runs the condition. The workflow is not failing however intermittenly the item doesn't get created in my second list.


The run if is configured as follows:

I don't know why the condition isn't working at times. Any help would be greatly appreciated.