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Office 365 bulk approval for Workflow tasks

Question asked by sandy_s on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2016 by sandy_s

Hi Folks, 


Client have multiple tasks in SharePoint OOTB Workflow Task list for different workflows and each workflow has its different business logic using Nintex workflows. Client requested to have bulk approval for the task list.


  1. Do we have My Workflow Tasks available on SharePoint Online? SharePoint On-Premises do have this web part. 
  2. I am developing SharePoint Add-In (Visual Studio 2015) try to simulate bulk approval for OOTB Workflow Task list as shown: 

    a. Created custom action called “Bulk Approval”. Uses selected the tasks.
    b. User clicks on “Bulk Approval” button as shown above.
    c. A dialog box shows.
    d. Prompts used that he has selected to the tasks.

  3. I am just trying to set the Nintex workflows statues (In Progress, Accepted, Rejected) to Approved or Rejected for all the document libraries/custom lists and loop through all document libraries/custom lists that is using Nintex workflows using my custom code.

    For e.g. We have travel request, leave request lists for SharePoint online demo sites. I will set the Nintex workflows statues depending on user asked to bulk approval (step 2) Approve or Reject button in the pop up for the multiple tasks.

  4. The main concern is that I will be NOT knowing the status of those Nintex workflows and their statuses for each document library or custom list because I am just setting the workflow statuses on each document library/custom list and Workflow Task lists.

  5. Can some advice use Nintex workflows or any web service I can call to get Nintex workflow and set the status to Approved or Rejected status to meet this requirement?


    checking Nintex Workflow Status NOT REQUIRED as Workflow Status will automatically reflect the OUTCOME (Approve, Reject)??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.