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Is there a way to access the .XOML rules file to edit them?

Question asked by aebares07 on Dec 19, 2016
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Doe anyone know where the .XOML rules file is stored that can be edited? When I use explorer to the SharePoint site to find the Nintex workflow files, it looks like the rules are just copies from another stored location. When I edit the files Nintex does not recognize the changes. Any ideas or is it that the rules are somewhere in a hidden location on the server?


Issue I have:

I have a Nintex workflow that I can not open because there is a "from" email address that is not on the Network anymore and according to our support team I need to remove this address. I believe it could be any email in there, I just need to remove it, but I cannot use the preview window of Nintex to get to the controls. I receive a "foundation error" when timing out.


I was able to find the rules using Explorer and also with SharePoint designer to navigate to the location