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How do you dowload the app from the app store if you're already using federation services with Microsoft?

Question asked by kmccool on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by chris.ben

We're really excited to start rolling out the forms we've developed specifically for mobile use. We're running into a problem, and I thought I would check here to see if other have had this issue or if you have ideas on a fix.


Bear with me while I describe this, I'm not a system admin.

We have enabled Microsoft federated services for our enterprise. When I navigate to the app store to download the Nintex app, I am asked to enter my Microsoft live ID to complete the "purchase", but I don't have a live ID associated with my work account. Cyber security is not on board with me using my personal Microsoft live ID.

I've asked around and it sounds like once a company is federated, you cannot associate new live ID's with your office 365 account.

I'm in a pickle.

Any suggestions or examples of how you've solved this issue would be appreciated.