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Need help with formatting body of email with multiple lines of data

Question asked by bcurrey on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by rylander

Struggling to figure this out. I feel like I'm close....


I have a custom list in Sharepoint 2013 that lists certain incoming packages that our receiving team needs to watch for when they arrive. I would like to send an email each day for any orders with an ETA date of today or earlier and the status is "Open." In the email, I want it to provide the recipients with the repair #, order type, tracking #, and instructions. 


When I first began testing the workflow, my "send notification" sent me the correct data, so i know my filters and everything worked correctly. Now I need to get it formatted so it is legible. I modeled my email setup based on this article:


I'll attach an export of the workflow as well. I'd really appreciate any help you may have to offer. Thank you!!



After numerous tries, this is my end result:



My first build string:



Here's a picture of my 2nd build string:



My Variables:



My workflow: