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Delegate to multiple people

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by cmikhaiel

Is there a way that when the user is assigned a task to delegate the task to more than one person?

I don't want to use the timed delegation option within the workflow or use the sharepoint groups.

Here is the case:

The user is a manager who has a team of 20 people, he wants the option that when a task is being assigned to him to delegate it to only 2-3 team members to work on this task, it could differ from one task to another. So it won't be practical to keep creating groups for each type of task. He also wants to be able to keep the task for himself and do it without having to delegate it.

I thought at first of creating a "Request data" action, where the manager would be required to input the names of the users assigned the task, then create a flexi task with those names. But then if he'll do the task himself, he'll then has to pick his name and then another task is assigned to him to do the actual task... which is too much for what is needed.


Currently the delegate link that shows on the task form only allows to pick one person. Is there a way to change this setting??